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International childcare based in London

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We are an international childcare agency founded in London, helping families from around the world and delivering the same standard of quality everywhere. With over two decades of experience in childcare, we are specialising in recognising who will be the perfect fit for each family and each candidate.

After-school Nanny

After-school nanny offer flexibility and versatile childcare options, providing the perfect solution for looking after children when they finish their school day.

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Maternity Nurse

The arrival of infants is a deeply personal and intimate time for families. Each and every infant arrival is unique, therefore a maternity nurse requires to be somebody who is professional, respectful, knowledgeable and caring.

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Live In Housekeeper Nanny

A live in housekeeper nanny has the same responsibilities as a live in nanny, while also carrying out household chores. A live-in nanny is a nanny who can be present and available at all times as they are on site, and can provide a 24-hour service.

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Live In Nanny

Having answered to the needs of hundreds of families over the past two decades, we expertly work with childcare professionals to meet each individual family’s expectations. Finding the perfect live-in nanny to suit our client’s personalities and requirements.

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Day Nanny

A day nanny is a nanny who can be present and available all day and can provide a full service during the set daily schedule she has agreed upon with the family. A day nanny can do the school run, get the children to and from school and run errands and prepare the household for when the children are back from school.

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