Having answered to the needs of families over the past two decades, we expertly work with
childcare professionals to meet each individual family’s expectations. We know that every
family’s requirements and preferences are different and unique.
The child care professionals we work with dedicate themselves to provide the very best
experiences for children in their formative years. Motivating them and inspiring them in the most
beneficial way in their development.
We have a team of excellent permanent and temporary day nannies who can work with families
in London and around the world.

What is a Day Nanny?

A day nanny is a nanny who can be present and available all day and can provide a full service
during the set daily schedule she has agreed upon with the family.
A day nanny can do the school run, get the children to and from school and run errands
and prepare the household for when the children are back from school. They can help the
children with homework and the evening routine as well as taking them to all types of after
school activities.

Schedules can be very flexible and agreed upon by the family and the nanny. They are
generally expected to work between 10 and 12 hours a day, from 1 to 5 days a week, many
families also ask for two nights of babysitting a week as well.

A day nanny can be flexible and accompany children on trips away, at which point they can be
live-in nanny if necessary for the duration of the trip.

What to expect from your day nanny?

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

● Provide further learning activities such as learning another language.
● Make sure the children’s bedrooms and play areas are kept tidy and clean.
● Tutoring or homework assistance.
● Doing the children’s laundry.
● A thorough analysis of their work history.
● Agreement to signing NDA.
● Meal preparation for the children, providing well balanced and nutritious meals.
● Accompanying children to play dates, extracurricular activities and school.
● Supporting and providing activities for the development of the children and keeping the
parents informed of developmental progress.
● Full communication with parents on every aspect of the child’s development and care.
● Travel with the children, whether a short day / weekend trip or spending a substantial
amount of time abroad.
● Setting holiday and time off with parents well in advance.

Should the family require a nanny hold the highest level of childcare education we work with
childcare professionals with extensive experience and who are fully qualified.

Our nannies come from all over the world and can help children develop language skills in many
different languages. We have nannies who can take care of children of any age group, from
infants to children in primary or secondary education.
We carry out an in depth vetting process with every child carer we work with, including:

● A set of in person interviews with our founder.
● Qualification and Certificate checks and verifications.
● Reference checks and verifications.
● A thorough analysis of their work history.
● Agreement to signing NDA when required.
● Paediatric First Aid Certification, renewed every 3 years.
● Have a DBS
Please contact us to find out more about the child care professionals we work with.