A live in housekeeper nanny has the same responsibilities as a live in nanny, whilst also carrying out household chores. A live-in nanny is a nanny who can be present and available at all times as they are on site, and can provide a 24-hour service. Families provide live-in nannies their own bedroom and privacy or separate accommodation, depending on what the family’s preference is.

Housekeeper nannies can prepare food for the household, ensure rooms and areas are kept tidy and be responsible for running errands (dry-cleaning, picking up small packages, grocery shopping, taking pets for a walk, etc.). It is important to make the distinction between housekeepers and cleaning ladies. Live-in housekeeper nannies cannot be expected to be cleaners as well.

The following are examples of some of the responsibilities a live-in housekeeper nanny can help you with:

  • Cleaning and tidying the home
  • Meal preparation
  • Taking pets for walks
  • Running errands
  • Grocery shopping
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Booking appointments
  • Providing further learning activities for children such as learning another language
  • Making sure the children’s bedrooms and play areas are kept tidy
  • Tutoring or homework assistance
  • Accompanying children to play dates, extracurricular activities and school
  • Keeping the parents informed of developmental progress

The extent of responsibilities our housekeeper nannies will have will be up to the family. Each family has unique requests and our nannies and housekeepers provide à la carte assistance custom made to your preferences.

We carry out an in-depth vetting process with every child carer we work with, including:

  • A set of in person interviews with our founder
  • Qualification and Certificate checks and verifications
  • Reference checks and verifications
  • A thorough analysis of their work history
  • Agreement to signing NDA when required
  • Paediatric First Aid Certification, renewed every 3 years
  • Have a DBS