When you employ a nanny you become an employer, which means by law your nanny will require a contract on or before their start date and they will need to be registered with HMRC as your employee to ensure they are paying the right tax and NI.  If they are eligible you will also need to enrol them into a workplace pension.

How can Parental Choice Payroll help?

If you are starting out on your journey to employ a nanny these downloadable fact sheets should help you:

If you have found a nanny, then let us support you.  Parental Choice Payroll has been helping parents stay on top of their obligations as an employer since 2011.

Our client services include:


  • Registering you as an employer for PAYE with HM Revenue & Customs (“HMRC”)
  • Assist with any HMRC correspondence in relation to your PAYE account if we are your authorised agent
  • Calculating gross pay from net pay or net pay from gross pay
  • Providing monthly or weekly payslips and summaries
  • Providing details and full payment guidance in respect of all tax and NI payments to HMRC to allow tax and NI payments to be paid directly by you
  • Dealing with any maternity pay and reclaim
  • Calculating holiday entitlements and sick pay
  • Providing telephone support and advice on any employment or pay issue
  • Providing P45 if employee leaves
  • Submitting Annual Return – P35
  • Providing employee with P60 at year end
  • Referral to a dedicated insurance provider for employer liability insurance
  • Claiming for small employer’s relief, if applicable

We offer an annual subscription fee for our payroll service. Monthly payslips cost £200 per year whilst weekly payslips cost £240 per year and the fee is renewable on the anniversary of your employee’s start date.

Pension: Please note that if your employee is over 22 and earns more than £10,000 gross per annum in your employment, they will have to be automatically enrolled into a qualifying pension scheme from the start of their employment. This link to the pensions regulator should help further http://www.thepensionsregulator.gov.uk/en/employers. We offer an optional annual pension service costing £75.00 for eligible employees. For this fee, we will carry out the following service:

  • Link your payroll details to the qualifying pension scheme that you have chosen
  • Provide you with all the necessary statutory correspondence that you will need to provide to your employee
  • Assess your employee as to eligibility each time we run the payroll for you whether on a monthly or weekly basis
  • Upload deductions/payments due to the qualifying pension scheme each time we run the payroll for you whether on a monthly or weekly basis
  • Process any starters or leavers accordingly with your qualifying pension scheme
  • Reassess your employee every three years if he/she has chosen to opt out in accordance with the legislation

Employment Contract: A one-off fee of £95 is payable if you wish us to prepare a bespoke contract between you and your employee, this is valid for the duration of your employee’s employment with you and amendments can be made at any time.  We also include legal advice in our contract service, we have an in-house lawyer who is contactable for any employment queries you may have and there is no further fee for her services throughout the term of each employment contract (except in the event any further documentation is required).

To register for Parental Choice Payroll services you can do so on our portal.  If you would like more information you can visit our website or download our Payroll and Contract Services document.

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